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Types of Airplanes

When a person sees a plane they do not really think about their function or different types of airplanes. All a person thinks about going to the airport and trying to reach their destination. Or going to visit an old vintage war plane show. But, there are five types of planes. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Commercial Transport Planes:
Commercial Transport is a type of airplane that will carry people from one place to another. These planes will also deliver products, animals, and other items. These planes are some of the biggest in the world.
These planes will have between two and four engines. Commercial transport planes are large planes used for carrying passengers and sometimes cargo (also called airliners).

Four-engine jets are more powerful than most airliners. That’s because most airliners only travel 500 to 600 miles per hour or 805 to 966 kilometers per hour, and four-engine jets can travel faster and farther.

The Boeing 747 is a four-engine jet that unlike most airliners, can carry

  • 1,000 passengers
  • Less than 200 passengers
  • More than 400 passengers
  • 50 passengers

It can also carry six galleys (kitchens), twelve washrooms, and more than 47,000 gallons or 178,000 liters of fuel. In 1969, the Boeing 747 became the largest jet in the world. This airliner can fly 6,495 miles or 10,475 kilometers non-stop. That’s farther than the distance between New York City and Tokyo.

Four-engine jets are not the only kind of commercial transport planes. There are also three-engine jets and twin-engine jets.

As you probably can imagine, three-engine jets don’t travel as far as four-engine jets and need less runway to take-off and land. But some three-engine jets can carry as many passengers as four-engine jets.

Twin-engine jets are smaller than four or three-engine jets, but 90% of airliners today are twin-engine jets. Here’s a question for you:

Why do you think twin-engine jets are used the most?

  • Because they have less engine failures than three or four-engine jets
  • Because they cost less money to operate
  • Because people like the way they look

2. General Aviation Planes:
Now let’s learn a little bit about general aviation planes. Most general aviation planes have two to six seats, and one engine. General aviation planes are used for many purposes. Sometimes people use them to teach students how to fly a plane, or they are used to take pictures from a high-up view.

Sometimes people use them for transportation, and sometimes people use them for enjoyment. Some farmers use them for planting seeds, checking soil erosion, and counting livestock.

3. Military Planes:
Military planes, as you probably know, are planes used by the military. Most military planes are used to attack enemies on the ground or in the air. Some military planes are used to carry equipment and soldiers to bases or battlefields.

These planes are only designed and used by the military for war to drop supplies, troop transports, bombers, and more. The most famous are the war birds back from WWI and WWII.

4. Sea Planes:

Sea Planes have three categories: Float, Amphibians, and Flying Boats. The boats are shaped like a boat and designed to stay only on the water. They do not have wheels but floats instead. The Amphibian can fly both on water and in the sky. These planes can actually fly without wings.

5. Special Purpose Planes:

Special purpose planes are planes that have special purposes such as performing tricks in shows or spraying chemicals on crops. Some amphibians also have a special purpose. They are used for putting out forest fires. They fly just above the lakes and ponds and suck up water so they can later spray it on forest fires.

So, next time a person is wondering about planes they may see in the sky, there is a better understanding of different types of airplanes or aircraft. The mechanics and the pilots deserve a lot of credit for making these planes run and fly.

So, there are a lot of different types of airplanes, and as we have learned, it’s because there are a lot of different jobs for airplanes to do.

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